Iguazu Waterfalls — South America

Iguazu-Falls-6Situated at the border of Brazil and Argentina the confluence of the
rivers Iguazu and San Antonio meet and the 2.7 kilometres wide waterfall is
formed. This is the largest waterfall system in the world and is a majestic
sight for the tourist. You are surrounded by noise of cascading water.

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The organic pharmacy: Love potion

HTTLP5000The organic pharmacy has created a love potion for everyone who can use a little help in their love life.

There are four options:

Damiana, Shizandra and Ginseng to create infatuation and obsession

Ginseng and Shizandra to feel connection and commitment

Oates and Ginseng to decrease adrenalin and anxiety

Damiana, Maca and Shizandra to increase dopamine, feelings of ecstacy and excitement and it increases your libido.

Website: www.theorganicpharmacy.com


n02hx816500wSimplyBe is a womenswear brand, with sizes between 12 and 32. They are located in the UK and have a total of 15 stores. The prices are good and they have a wide range of clothes. Since 2010 people in the US can also enjoy their beautiful clothes. It’s definitely worth it to go pay them a visit!

Also a nice fact to know is that they sell the world’s largest strapless bra!

Website: http://www.simplybe.co.uk