International Champagne & Sparkling Wine Trade

glass of bubbyThe entries for stands and free pour placements are now open for the 2018 Glass of Bubbly International Champagne & Sparkling Wine Trade / Press Tasting and Summit.

Last years tasting event brought over 600 industry professionals through the doors to taste over 200 Champagne and Sparkling Wines from across the world with many having never before showcased in the UK. From wine buyers to wine writers, chefs to sommeliers and a sprinkling of celebrity faces too, Glass of Bubbly is the biggest dedicated trade / press tasting in London dedicated to fizz. Mixing both fun and yet educating many, Glass of Bubbly tasting London has been growing year on year.

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Unmissable Royal Collection at the Royal Academy of Arts


IMG_2890Discover the legendary art collection of Charles I. For the first time since the 17th century, this landmark exhibition brings together the astounding treasures that changed the taste of the nation.

King Charles I amassed one of the most extraordinary art collections of his age, acquiring works by some of the finest artists of the past Titian, Mantegna, Holbein, and commissioning leading contemporary artists such as Van Dyck and Rubens.
Yet, following the kings execution in 1649, his collection was sold off and scattered across Europe. While many works were retrieved by Charles II during the Restoration, others now form the core of museums such as the Louvre and the Prado.

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ROME is always full of surprises

vittorianoRome is a city of pass ions, rising to the capital of Italy for its glorious past and represents the geographical heart of the nation. All roads lead to Rome, says a popular proverb, an it’s unthinkable not to visit Caput Mundial least one.
There is always something to discover in Rome, something to stop and watch, a city where the present is lively and intertwines with the past in the singular frame of its inhabitants and their Romanesque speaking
The history of the city of Rome has certainly been singular, sumptuouse epochs alternating
ith others of decay, immense wealth and moral decadence, in a city that has always been able to bloom again. That’s probably why it’s called the Etern city.
It’s historic center is among the 53 Italian sited included by the UNESCO in the World Heritage List.

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Luimiere London 2018

Lumiere 1It happened again, Lumiere London is back. It took place over four evenings, from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 January 2018, lighting up the cold, dark streets of London.
Light installations by 30 leading artists illuminated the capitals streets exposing more than 50 artworks on some of the capitals most iconic buildings.

The light festival, developed by creative producers Artichoke, set artworks based in the major locations around the city including Piccadilly, Mayfair, Kings Cross, Trafalgar and Westmister.
Lumiere London trasformed the city with flying fish, giant flowers, 3D elephants, human figuers floating in the sky and stars.
There were no tickets, It was completely free, no need to book.

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Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5


The beard is back in fashion for both girls and boys; and men show it off a bit uncultivated but always controlled. Just look at celebrities, from the hollywood star Brad Pitt to the football star David Beckham. A clean face and well-groomed is the best business card for young people, managers of the digital age, contemporary gentlemen.

Shaving is a ritual that involves precise and meticulous phases. How to get the best result? Wilkinson Sword Hydro is a dermatologist-tested razor system ideal for sensitive skin.  In few words its just simple, innovative, essential.

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New addition to award-winning radiance range from REN.

IMG_2887 (003)

New Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic from REN award winning radiance range is a toner that provides a daily dose of clean bio-active extracts to help your skin get glowing, formulated with the pH of 3.5; the optimum pH at which your skin naturally exfoliates. It’s your solution to dullness, uneven skin tone or uneven texture. Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic will give you the chance to get your glow as it’s gentle enough to use daily, boosting your regular routine without feeling the sensitivity. It’s just three pumps to a brighter, more even complexion and naturally exfoliated, re-energised and smoother skin. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

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