Discover Andalusia through Fiestas


There is no better way to get to know the Andalusia than through their many and fascinating traditional festivals.  Fiestas, Fairs- call them what you want but Andalusia is awash with them. Over 3,000 fiestas are celebrated every year in Andalusia, including fairs, pilgrimages, carnivals, mock battles between Moors and Christians and religious processions -  In fact, there is scarcely a day in the year without its fiesta.  During the Summer and Autumn virtually every village and town has one ranging from one day to a week!

Seville is the traditional start of the festival with a 6 day extravaganza on the banks of the banks of the river Guadalquivir. Street parades, bands loudly playing, fun fair and traditional fireworks are the order of the day. Police with whistles block off streets at will. Almost all the locals turn out in traditional dress. The ladies wear traditional figure hugging Spanish Flamingo dresses- the brighter the colour the better. Horses immaculately groomed from the region give some of the lucky girls a lift providing they ride side saddle! Families gather in the casitas (bars) and visitors are welcome to join the eating, drinking and dancing which carries on until the early hours. You need strong stamina!