Wella Professionals reveals World First digitally enabled in-salon glossing service

The Color DJ is a professional device capable of
delivering 60 billion colour combinations for
ultra-personalized colour care. London – Color DJ is a WORLD FIRST breakthrough innovation that aims
to reinvent the colouring experience, creating a new category of expert
colourist, the ‘Colourista DJ’. Wella Professionals has created the Color DJ device to provide a colour service for consumers that is 10x more
sophisticated than the current salon offering. The hair colourist can
bring to life a creative vision by consulting with clients and creating an unique colour mix, along with a tailored deep-conditioning care shot to
fit clients’ individual needs. The result? A truly unique and bespoke
Couture Colour Mask that clients can take home to maintain their
unique look until their next salon visit.
“Color DJ is the world’s first in-salon device where the hairdressers are
able to design and produce ultra-personalized colour masks. This
innovation reflects our effort to offer salons and clients the ultimate
bespoke experience with digital innovation” Laura Simpson, Coty
Professional Beauty Chief Marketing Officer.
To accompany the device, Wella Professionals has created the Color DJ
app, where the colourist can create, optimize and tailor a unique
formula. The app then allows the colourist to preview in real-time their
creation enabling them to continue to customize it, with more than 60
billion colour combination possibilities. The ultra personalization
combines colour with a care shot and fragrance, another important part
of the hair care experience, offering the choice of a Sicilian Bergamot,
Hawaiian Orchid or Marrakesh Wood scent in their Color DJ gloss. This
gives stylists the opportunity to create more than a trillion different
formulas – that’s more than 10 different and unique formulations for
each person on the planet!
The colour formulas within the device are based on direct acting dyes
– to make it more home-user friendly as well as reducing the chance of
any risk of hair damage to zero.
“We had to ‘back engineer’ from the 60 billion possibilities we wanted
the Color DJ to produce, to only a few cartridges to make a compact
device.” says David Sarro, Coty Professional Beauty Senior Director of
Research & Development.

“To make the colourist a true hero of colour creation we decided to
dispense the colours the way the colourist has created the formulas.
There is a ‘wow’, moment as the stylist starts mixing the formula and
sees all the colours, apparently random, start coming together to make
the perfect match with the digital preview.”
Color DJ is also accompanied by a digital ecosystem, where formulas
can be stored, shared in the salon, used again and again for the same
clients or be slightly modified according to seasonal trends with all the
respect of data privacy. When it comes to customizing the level of care
in the formula – the algorithm of the device helps the colourist. Once
the colourist has fixed the colour in the formula, the level of care
ingredients can be tailored without impacting the colour.
The device combines the expertise of the colourist, the digital
technologies and new-to-the-world formulations to create the most
bespoke glossing service possible in-salon.
Andreas Kurkowitz, Wella Professionals Global Colour Ambassador says,
“My clients in my Berlin studio are always asking me, ‘can you give me
some gloss to take home?’. Now, not only can we mix a bespoke gloss
for them, we can create one that can be used to refresh the color
inbetween salon appointments. There is currently nothing like Color DJ.”
“Think of it like having your own photo-filter for your hair! Colourists
can work with their clients to start visualising the colour before its
real-life creation,” says David Sarro.
Andreas Kurkowitz, agrees that for an expert colourist, the precision of
the formulas is game-changing: “The device is able to measure out the
different colours in much smaller quantities than with hand blending.
It’s a perfect example of the benefits of embracing technology in the
salon space.”
The journey has only just begun for Color DJ and bespoke colour-care,
with exciting plans to launch new care shots, seasonal shots and ground
breaking new ingredients – the possibilities are truly endless.