THoO – The new fragrances collection from The House of Oud

The House of Oud is bringing us a new collection and it couldn’t be more unique. The collection exists out of three new perfumes who are all very different. The first perfume is called Just Before, Just Before is described as the moment before a kiss. The base of the perfume exists out of Vanilla, Benzoin, Amber and Sandalwood. The second perfume is called The Time, it captures living in the moment. The base of the perfume exists out of Cedarwood, Musk, Amber and Black Tea.

The third perfume of the collection is called Live in Colours, it’s described as a brush on a canvas, this perfume permeates the skin. The base of Live in Colours exists out of Musk, Hinoki wood and Amber. These unique perfumes are bottled in a form that lays in the palm of your hand perfectly and every bottle is dipped into paint and has a unique print.