Many Faces by Philips

New research commissioned by Philips reveals that modern British men have many faces, with the majority agreeing that they juggle an average of four roles each day, yet the traits they value may not be aligned with the more stereotypical traits they believe society expects. To bring Many Faces to life, Philips has collaborated with five ambassadors from different walks of life – from models, mentors, fathers, leaders and artists. Among them is musician, dancer and author Harry Judd, who said, “I myself swing between numerous roles, one as a father as well as a drummer, dancer, husband and friend, so I know from personal experience that men are multi-dimensional. I also have sensitive skin, both figuratively and physically, and believe it’s important to overcome stereotypes in today’s society.’’ Live painting artist Guglielmo Alfarone will create unique portraits of all of the Philips ambassadors. Alfarone thrives on revealing depth and dimension in his portraiture and is excited to realise the nuances of modern British men. Alongside a live portrait session, the artwork will be showcased at Mayfair Gallery on 5 September.