Introducing the latest and most radical advancement in science backed antioxidant skincare with AlphaScience

For over 25 years, Alfred Marchal PhD – ALPHASCIENCE’s leading R&D innovator, has been at the forefront of skincare innovation and development. His work, has left an indelible mark on the history of aesthetic medicine, including, over 19 years ago, developing the first serum with high concentrations of Vitamin C in its free and active form of L-Ascorbic acid.
As a constant innovator, the newly crowned leader in antioxidant skincare – ALPHASCIENCE – The Antioxidant Authority – is thrilled to launch their range of scientifically proven skincare products to the UK, including the world’s only serum containing Tannic Acid – an ingredient derived from nature, that has remarkable skin health benefits, an ingredient which in its stabilised and highly concentrated form is available only from ALPHASCIENCE.
Alpha Bright Serum : This powerful molecular combination neutralizes pollutants and free radicals responsible for pigmentation and controls every stage of the pigmentation process to reduce brown spots and even the skin’s complexion. Developed for combination to oily and acne prone skin, this product normalises skin sebum, refines the skin and enhances skin radiance. It tackles skin concerns such as sun damage, premature aging and environmental effects.
Phytic [TC] Serum : This antioxidant concentrate is packed with a combination of stabilized Vitamin C in high concentration and powerful antioxidants to neutralize environmental stress for a smooth, radiant and firm complexion. It tackles premature signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots and a dull complexion. The serum also helps fight acne and scarring by neutralising sebum production. Aesthetic treatments, such as fillers and BOTOX, can be maintained with this product.
Tannic [CF] Serum : This active serum is a highly effective wrinkle reducing and skin firming antioxidant. It is the most advanced antioxidant combination of Vitamin C in high concentration with repair active ingredients to prevent and correct signs of aging. It effectively tackles advanced signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, brown spots and loss of firmness caused by environmental and biological factors. Normal to dry skins
Surface [CR] : An ultra-smoothing wrinkle corrector which combines the most powerful natural ingredients in an optimal high-performance formula. It acts on wrinkles and firmness with the combination of pure genistein, hyaluronic acid and the L-glutamine – an AlphaScience exclusive ingredient. It smoothens small expression lines as soon as two hours post-treatment with the BOTOX-like patented tripeptide.
Ultra Deep : A rich and silky textured cream to revitalize dry skin. This deep restructuring treatment repairs fragile skin with a loss of cutaneous density and accompanying sagging. Association of saponaria pumila stem cells and lupine proteins to regenerate fundamental skin tissue and restore its density. The genistein is encapsulated for an effective action on sagging skin. Aescine will reduce the appearance of redness and small blood vessels, restoring an even complexion.

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