Wine trip Out of Africa

IMG_0504Now out of Africa there are award winning wines and the best way to
sample these is to visit the Wine Region for a few days.

Fly South to Cape Town with hardly a blink of jet lag. To greet you is a
favourable exchange rate and reasonable prices.

Within a drive of a hour you will arrive at the University town of
Stellenbosch witch bustles with bars  and restaurants. Now you are in the
heart of the wine region. The town is surrounded by 155 Wineries and every
horizon is covered in vines.

A visit to the Tourist Information Office enables you to purchase for a
few Rand a tour of 4 or 5 Wineries to taste the wine. Usually you will be
offered 3 or 4 to try. A must is Pinotage, which is only produced in South

Remember it is Smell, Sip,Swirl and Spit ( or drink!)

Many of the Wineries have excellent restaurants . They are competitive and
not expensive.

Alternatively some offer picnic baskets to be enjoyed in the manicured
surrounding gardens.
Good food and good wine. Difficult to surpass.

A drive of 40 minutes through beautiful scenery brings you to the classy
town of Franschhoek, surrounded by high quality Wineries.

A completely different mode of transport is the Wine Tram. Tickets via the
internet or purchase at the kiosk situated in the Main Street.

Off you go and visit a few Wineries for tastings. Hop on off. Stop for lunch
or picnic on the way.Relax and enjoy.

Stay longer and explore South Africa or return home to tell all of the Wine