Wilkinson Sword – Intuition fab

No more ingrown hairs:

To avoid ingrown hairs after shaving, you should be careful to use sharp blades, as they separate the hair clean and produce less friction. In addition, it helps to shave the skin directly when showering, when the hair is soft and the pores are open. Shaving foam or gel softens the hair and straightens up. Then shower the skin off cold to close the pores and gently dab the skin with a towel

Wet or dry shave?

The wet shave is considered the gentlest variant and ensures a longer lasting smooth skin. For those in a hurry, dry shaving is an alternative, but the hair is cut only on the surface. This variant is therefore less thorough and the stubble are felt faster again.

Perfectly tanned legs:

Shaving before sunbathing is not a problem. Smooth, shaved skin is even conducive to even tanning of the skin, as dead skin cells are removed by shaving. All the more important is the use of sunscreen after shaving to protect the freshly shaved areas from sunburn.

Blade switch:

The useful life of the razor blades varies depending on hair thickness and frequency of shaving. The safest sign is the feeling on the skin: If the shave feels rather rough and begins to “go round”, it is time to change the blade so that the blades do not cloq, they should be rinsed thoroughly under running water after each use since too long hair can clog the blade, a regular shave is recommended. As soon as the integrated moisture gel in the blade head is used up, the blade should be replaced at the latest.

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