Sticky Heelz improve the fit and comfort of heels

How many wears will I get from the product?

The shoe pads will stay in your shoes for several wears and the heel pads are disposable, there are four heel pads in the pack for multiple wears.

Can I wear this product with flat shoes?

Yes the product can be applied to all types of shoes.

Can I wear this product with tights/socks?

Yes, you would apply the heel pad to your foot as per the instructions and pull your tights/socks over the foot. The shoe pad will attach to the tights/socks, therefore stopping the foot from slipping completely out of the shoe. The pad on the heel will attach to the shoe pad with a fine denier.

Can this product help to reduce blistering from new shoes?

Yes, when applied to the back of the shoe Sticky Heelz stops foot movement that can lead to blistering.