Gorgonzola an irresistible taste and a healthy, complete food

Spalmazola.  Gorgonzola cheeseTradition and legend

The origins of Gorgonzola are linked to a legend whereby a young dairy-man lingered on chatting with his sweetheart, forgot about his work and postponed it to the following day.

On the next day, by mixing the curd from the milk he had drawn the night before and the one from the morning, the passionate young man allegedly obtained a type of cheese that had never been produced before. Sure, this is a legend, but the literature extensively reports that Gorgonzola was indeed already well-known many centuries ago.

You will be the star

Your recipes need just a little bit of Gorgonzola to become the “recipes of a great Chef”.  Sweet or piquant, Gorgonzola is perfect to create delicious combinations and unique dishes, with which you’ll be able to suprise your friends and dear ones. Pull all your creativity out of your chef hat and add the unique taste of Gorgonzola: you will truly ‘rule’ in your kitchen.