The Harmonist – parfumes made with Feng Shui

The new fragrance house The Harmonist has a philosophy that stems from the right balance of yin and yang. Inspired by centuries of Asian Philosophy, The Harmonist fragrance house binds universe, earth, and humanity together. Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, the founder of the brand, who designed the fragrance concept around harmony uses Feng Shui to help people find their elements

and their perfect scent. Making this fragrance gave her the freedom to express herself. She made the scent for her friends – 500 bottles in the shape of a tulip, housing notes of white flowers and vanilla musk, with ylang-ylang at the heart.

The harmonist Perfume has two Feng Shui boutiques, one in Paris on Les Champs Elysees. The second one is on Melrose Place in Los Angeles.