John Bell & Croyden hosts ‘Immunity Week’ in partnership with Hello Day to help educate about the benefits of supporting their immunity.

John Bell & Croyden – the renowned pharmacy emporium in London’s Harley Street Medical Area– is hosting Immunity Week, in partnership with Hello Day to help educate customers about immunity as we go into flu season.  Throughout the week (starting 11thOctober 2021) there is a range of instore activities, as well as experts and nutritionists on hand to offer advice and support to customers, empowering them to make the best choices to protect their wellbeing.

With over 44% of UK adults suffering from at least one allergy, maintaining a healthy immune system was already a focus for many people, but the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how important it is for individuals to get advice about how to maintain their health. As innovators in the pharmaceutical industry, John Bell & Croyden are responding to this need by using Immunity Week to provide clear information, answer questions and showcase innovative new products.John Bell & Croyden’s Immunity Week is in partnership with Hello Day who are exclusively launching their seasonal supplement boxes. Their expertly curated box, containing four key supplements, is designed to support our evolving health needs which are linked to seasonal change. Their Autumn Kick-Start Box is designed to support the body through changes in digestion, helping support the immune system, preventing fatigue and seasonal depression – which will be launched alongside the Winter Immunity Box. Hello Day’s approach to seasonal wellbeing is developed by a panel of health experts, using their expertise to create a set of vitamins which helps us live in harmony with natural seasonal change.

Lily SoutterNutritional Therapistsaid: “As a nutritionist, I truly believe there are some key changes we can make, from a dietary aspect, to enhance our overall health and wellbeing as move through each season of the year.”

Additionally, throughout October, John Bell & Croyden is delighted to be the home of the first ever Lashilé pop-up gummy vitamin bar designed to help people support their wellbeing using delicious products. All the gummies are fully natural, vegan and allergen-free, and designed support health in a way which is both pleasant and luxurious. The gummy bar will consist of six products, allowing customers to choose which luxury product best suits their needs.

Launching at Immunity Week, Lashilé will also be introducing their new gummy supplement, Good Immunity, which is formulated to simulate the immune system and fight against fatigue. The gummy uses natural ingredients to boost the body’s immune defences.

As always, John Bell & Croyden’s expert advice will be on hand throughout the week, alongside the new products and events, and they are looking forwards to providing information about this important area of healthcare.

Alexander Johnston, General Manager at John Bell & Croyden, said:“The recent report from Imperial College London forecasting a risk for a surge in respiratory illnesses this winter highlights to us just how important events like Immunity Week are. John Bell & Croyden hopes that by providing information, innovative products and expert advice, we can do our part in reducing the strain on the NHS this winter.”

John Bell & Croyden will begin to offer Covid-19 booster vaccinations alongside their normal flu vaccinations. More information about this can be found online or in store.

Immunity week will run from the 11thOctober to the 17thOctober.