Delicious and aromatic New 06 Vodka Rose created by talented female Master Distiller

Mediterranean luxury spirits distillery Comte de Grasse has launched its second spirit and the first 100% French Vodka Rosé, a creation of female Master Distiller Marie-Anne Contamin. As we know, women distillers are few in the industry, however, Marie-Anne continues to challenge innovative distilling techniques and make use of the expertise of the region, to create yet another liquid undeniably from the Côte d’Azur. Comte de Grasse distillery is nestled in Grasse, where perfume masters have been extracting and blending flavours for years.

Coupled with superior terroir and the heritage of Provence the distillery has challenged the creation of the first Vodka Rosé that focuses on flavour extraction rather than simple blending. Marie-Anne Contamin, Master Distiller and previously an aromatician, has created an innovative process to create a new style of Vodka Rosé, we call it ACTIVE WINE EXTRACTION (AWX).

06 Vodka represents 6pm En Provence, that beautiful time when apéritif brings friends and family together to enjoy a moment, the pleasure of time and place that only the Southeasternmost corner of France can offer. An occasion to share.

The liquid starts with French winter wheat. The special micro-climate and terroir of the region results in a soft wheat which is perfectly distilled with the purest spring water to create the smoothest vodka. On the nose you discover the scents of rosé wine (here specifically from Domaine Château Vert), elegant and concentrated freshness with aromas of strawberry. The taste is refined with delicate and subtle floral notes being revealed, a French Riviera explosion on your taste buds, a soft fruity finish of white peach, all reminiscent of a Provençal breeze.

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