Batiste is proud to share a Dry Shampoo range inspired by nature, made with 100% natural extracts that harness the power of plants to give you refreshed hair in-between washes. Using nature’s best to gently clean your hair without water, this range of three Dry Shampoos instantly restore lightness and volume, leaving you with naturally refreshed hair, with an invisible finish. Made with plant extracts never before used by the brand, delivering three divine yet subtle fragrances, these variants have been carefully formulated to compliment your hair routine and style. Rice Starch instantly absorbs excess oils without stripping your hair’s inner moisture and drives this vegan-friendly formula. With 40%* less and recyclable packaging, Batiste is making strides to be a brand that reflects its customer’s core values. Batiste, the UK’s No.1 Dry Shampoo has responded to research detailing the increasing number of consumers looking for products with naturally derived and organic ingredients within their beauty staples, rather than switching to new brands. 86% of women agreeing that having a good hair day puts them in a better mood, taking care of your appearance as well as your impact on the planet has never been simpler. Customer demands for visibility of brands that align with their ethos and values, in store, has never been greater. When it comes to refreshing hair between washes; removing excess oil so your hair looks clean and smells great – as well as encouraging you to use less water through washing – Batiste’s newest innovation has you covered so that you’re ready to face whatever the day throws at you.

Batiste Naturally range is priced at £4.59

Green Tea & Chamomile is a detox experience for hair; with multifaceted herbal notes wrapped in a creamy sandalwood and suede blend, this formula is bright but comforting. Its lightness lends itself to all hair types and delivers an invisible finish.

Bamboo Fibre & Gardenia guarantees extra lift through its vegan-friendly silica and tapioca starch; giving volume in an instant. Perfect for fine hair in need of extra body, this elegant white floral fragrance hints with watery nuances of cucumber, bergamot and lemon. Bamboo fibre and musk give a freshness that awakens the senses alongside your hair.

Hemp & Coconut Milk is a softly sweet formula that calms flyaways so you can achieve a refreshed and controlled style, in an instant. Calming coconut milk and coconut husks evoke tropical climes, while salt, melon and birch mimic crashing waves on the sand. This hydrating formula and its fragrance immediately soothe the mind while smoothing your hair for naturally refreshed styling.

How to use it

1 Shake for a few seconds to wake the magic

2 Section hair and spray towards your roots (from 30cm to be exact).

3 Massage well into roots

4 Voila! You now have fresh, clean looking hair. Brush or style as usual. You’re ready for the world!

Did you know?

Batiste sells over two cans every second globally

240,000 cans are made daily in the UK

86% of consumers agree Batiste removes grease and oil from their hair effectively