Hoover’s latest upright stick vacuum the HFX has Corner Genie technology that manoeuvres to clean hard-to-reach corners throughout your home. Hoover’s HFX is a new and revolutionary upright stick that easily reaches corners, comes with no-touch bin emptying technology, and includes a five-year warranty. Performance, efficiency, and design are at your service: the new cordless HFX vacuum cleaner really does reach every single corner.

The Hoover brand is now revolutionising the world of home cleaning with the HFX, the cordless vacuum cleaner which can truly be defined as revolutionary, thanks to its design and new technologies. This product embodies the philosophy guiding the design of all Hoover’s small appliances, which are developed following the five-star approach: solutions that guarantee top performance and durability, ease of use, stress-free maintenance, and reliability.

Only Hoover, which first brought the vacuum cleaner into consumers’ homes, could revolutionise the world of cleaning by overturning the rules of design and innovation. It achieves this result by constantly listening to consumers’ needs, through questionnaires and market research. In the brand’s most recent panel*, it gathered important information about customers’ real needs: corners are the most difficult areas to reach, and innovation is necessary.


With the push of a pedal you can the unleash the impressive performance of CORNER GENIE™ to clean even the tightest of edges and corners in your home on-the-go. The 360° joint guarantees outstanding agility around obstacles with no need to attach additional accessories.


Dispose of dust with no mess thanks to our quick and easy system that removes dirt and hair stuck inside. Simply slide the release grip downwards to automatically open the flap and eject the dust out of the vacuum cleaner into your household bin. Despite its slimline size, the bin holds up to 1.2 litres of dust – much bigger than typical cordless vacuums.


The product comes with a five-year warranty and requires minimal maintenance, partly thanks to the main brush’s ANTI-TWISTTM technology, which prevents tangles from forming in the brushbar.

Every home is different, and Hoover offers two models to meet the needs of every consumer. The HFX Home Edition is the cordless electric vacuum cleaner that’s essential for reaching every corner, while the HFX Pets Edition is the perfect worry-free solution for looking after the areas we share with our four-legged friends.


The HFX comes with accessories to meet all needs, like the flexible 60cm crevice tool, which reaches the highest and the most hidden spots, and the practical and compact 2-in-1 brush for collecting dust and cleaning furniture.

“The Hoover name carries a great responsibility,” says Micaela Marcon, Global Senior Candy and Hoover Brand Manager and Group Material Factory at Haier Europe. “Being the forefather of this important sector, which has been in the homes of millions of people for so long, has encouraged us to seek a real revolution. Thanks to the linear and foldable design and thanks to CORNER GENIETM, the extraordinary technology really does allow you to reach every corner, this completely new suction product meets the needs of an increasingly informed and demanding consumer.”


HFX becomes the symbol of the new direction of Hoover’s small appliances. It has been manufactured following the 5-star approach that offers efficiency, reliability, ease-of-use, and uniquely designed solutions.


Dave Matthews, Business Director, SDA Hoover said,We are excited to be bringing our unique Corner Genie technology to our consumers. This is a development we are particularly proud of, and we know it will make such a difference in people’s homes.”


  • Category – Cordless
  • Colour – Titanium-Magenta (Home) or Rose (Pets)
  • Weight – 3.65kg
  • Dimensions – Height: 112cm x Width: 20cm x Depth: 25cm
  • Capacity – 1.19 L
  • Run-Time – 30 (mins)
  • Charging Time – 3.5 (hours)
  • Warranty – 5 Years (2 Years for Battery)

Available from Hoover Direct.

Home model HFX10H from SSP £449 Available from: https://rb.gy/da33xf

Pets model HFX10P from SSP £469 Available from: https://rb.gy/lwy72s