Got2b launches gotGLOSS, an innovative two-step glass hair routine for a high-shine finish with a glass-like reflection

For people who want to jump on the glass hair trend where hair is well-nourished and frizz-free, got2b have launched a two-step hair routine to create shiny and sleek locks. The silicone-free, vegan formula of both products is specially designed to give your hair a luminous, glass-like shine and make it extra smooth and sleek – for an unreal gloss in a real world.

Step 1: gotGLOSS glass hair shine primer:

Prime your hair for glossy shine while protecting it against heat of up to 230°C. This primer’s non-greasy formula is enriched with shea butter. Not only will it tame frizz and give your hair a brilliant shine, it will provide the nourishment and care your hair deserves.

How to Use: place a small amount into the palm of your hands and distribute evenly on damp hair from roots to ends. Follow with GotGLOSS Shine Spray, blow dry and straighten for best results

gotGLOSS glass hair shine primer, 150 ml, £7 (RRP),

Step 2:  gotGLOSS glass hair shine finish:

A heat protection spray that gives your hair a luminous, glass-like shine. This gentle, lightweight spray provides protection against heat in temperatures of up to 230°C, whilst taming frizz and keeping your hair flawlessly sleek and shiny for up to 48 hours.

How to Use: Spray evenly from 30cm away directly on to your dry hair. For the ultimate glass hair look, use a straightener to seal in the shine.

gotGLOSS glass hair shine finish, 200 ml, £7 (RRP),

All Products are Free from animal derived ingredients.