Jerome Russell Bblonde Launch New Duo Of Toning Drops

Customise The Intensity Of Your Copper And Bronde Tones Instantly. Jerome Russell Bblonde is the UK’s number 1 blonding range. Founded in professional hair salons over 30 years ago, Bblonde provides the ultimate blonding range products.  It’s time for a real-time hair refresh. Add vibrancy to your existing colour, or switch up to a new shade instantly – no salon needed! The Jerome Russell Bblonde Toning Drops are back, and this time it’s for the Copper and Bronde babes!

Jerome Russell – Bblonde® Toning Drops (Copper)

£9.99, Amazon

 Jerome Russell – Bblonde® Toning Drops (Bronde)

£9.99, Amazon

These magical drops, which allow for up to 50 applications per pack, allow you to maintain your desired shade of copper and bronde as part of your everyday hair care routine. No ammonia, no peroxide, no fuss!

The Jerome Russell Bblonde Toning Drops can be applied as and when you feel like a refresh, without the time and money of a salon visit.

You’ll love the fact that it’s easy and mess-free, with no bowl required. Simply mix the Toning Drops in your hand into your normal shampoo or conditioner and apply to your hair as you would a shampoo or conditioner.

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