Haier Smart Home is unveiled for the first time and new Smart Home Cube is launched alongside 400% more brand investment!

May 2024 – The iconic London’s Icetank was the ideal setting for Haier, the world’s number 1 brand for 15 consecutive years, to unveil the newly named company Haier Smart Home UK & Ireland. This was revealed alongside its plans to become the undisputed leader in the smart home in the UK and Ireland.The company also revealed it has developed a new connected smart home appliance product called the “Smart Cube” which includes an Inverter, battery storage, EV charger and Heat Pump controller all stacked in one unit. It harvests solar energy to run an entire household’s products. The Smart Cube can be installed in users’ homes and works as an inverter and battery for solar power, which is then converted to energy and used to run connected home appliances, which can be controlled through the company’s app. Solar energy collected from the Smart Cube can also be used to power a home-EV charger.

  • Haier Smart Home UK & I Ltd name change is unveiled for the first time and replaces Hoover Ltd.
  • A new connected smart appliance system that runs on solar energy was revealed for the first time.
  • Haier Boost: The company is investing 400% more in the Haier brand to make it a household name.
  • Celebrity chef and Haier brand ambassador Nisha Katona was interviewed live on stage.
  • New smart AI cooking and laundry products unveiled.
Haier brand ambassador Nisha Katona is pictured with the management team of Haier Smart Home UK & Ireland at the Icetank in London

At the event, held on Tuesday 23 April, Jim McEwan, Chief Commercial Officer for Haier Smart Home UK & Ireland said, “Today marks the start of Haier Smart Home UK & Ireland. In line with our goals, all our products will be connected to the hOn app by the end of 2025.”

Mr McEwan also outlined a project called “Haier Boost”. This he said, is the headline project that sees the company invest in Haier to make it the “undisputed leader in the smart home .” He explained that they are investing 400% more in their media strategy to ensure that Haier becomes a household name.

He said, “We want to inspire consumers to buy our products. We are continuing to invest in green technology and we were awarded the Terra Carta seal of approval for sustainability. We have spent 350 million euros on factories in Europe over the last four years. They are efficient and all our factories are at least part powered by solar. What we offer is the best energy solutions for the consumer.”

New appliances

At the event, attendees got to view some of the latest products from Haier Smart Home that will be coming to the UK this year. The ID oven Series, has an innovative approach to IoT AI functionality that transforms the ever-evolving concept of a customisable Smart Home into reality by learning from people’s habits and tastes. The Haier ID Series ovens stem from a new, highly technological platform developed with the aim of meeting the high-end needs of kitchen designers, architects, and end consumers.

The Haier X11 Washing Machine stands out as an appliance to watch out for in 2024. Thanks to a series of innovations it brings technology, such as Ultra Fresh Air technology. This allows for a continuous air inflow into the drum that keeps garments fresh by circulating air around the drum preventing bacteria and odours for up to 12 hours. Other products that were on display included the matching X11 Heat Pump tumble dryer with built-in fragrance dispenser and the Haier Cube refrigerator that can preserve fresh food for twice as long as conventional models.

Also on display was the Haier I Master Series 5 small kitchen appliance range. The range has gained huge popularity since its launch. It includes the I Master Series 5 Kettle that has a Keep Warm function. It heats the water to the ideal temperature for tea and coffee and maintains it at that temperature, so you don’t have to re-heat a second time. The I Master Series 5 Toaster has extra-large slots to ensure that the thickest slices of bread or bagels get toasted right to the edge. The range also includes an air fryer, multi beverage maker and a blender.

Haier brand ambassador Nisha Katona

Also, celebrity chef and Haier’s brand ambassador Nisha Katona spoke of how proud she is entering her fourth year with the brand. She talked about her passion for the Haier brand and how smart home appliances make life easier in the kitchen and explained that she is opening her 27th restaurant later this year. She was interviewed live on stage by Antony Peart, Director of Brand Communications for Haier Smart Home UK & I.

Hoover demonstrates its robot vacuum

Renowned brand Hoover showcased a range of floorcare products including its robotic vacuum that is controlled by an app. It was demonstrated live by making its way through the crowd. The HFX cordless vacuum with Corner Genie™ technology was also showcased. The HFX offers a new way of cleaning that makes getting into corners so much easier. The Corner Genie™ cleans right up to the edges of your floors and corners with ease It also has a no-touch emptying function and comes with up to a five-year warranty.

About Haier Europe

Haier Europe is part of the Haier Smart Home, the No. 1 company globally in major appliances and among the Fortune Global 500 companies. Listed in Shanghai, Frankfurt and Hong Kong (600690.SH, 690D.DE and 06690.HK), Haier Smart Home has established 10+N R&D systems, 34 Industrial parks, 117 manufacturing plants and 108 marketing centers over the world. Haier also boasts of a large retailer network of 230,000 that covers over 200 countries in the world, serving 1 billion households globally. The company achieved revenues of approximately over € 32.6 billion in 2022 and has a global sales force in more than 160 countries. Haier’s vision is to become the global leader in IoT serving household smart solutions. Haier Smart Home is the first Chinese company entering the DShare Market and prime standard listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2018, with the goal of promoting the brand and supporting business growth internationally and in Europe, where the company markets Candy, Hoover, Haier, Rosières, GE Appliances and Fisher&Paykel branded products. Haier Europe is headquartered in Brugherio and Vimercate (MB), Italy.

For more information please visit: : www.haier.co.uk