Latest News from the 2024 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

With the final deadline just around the corner, entries from across the globe are showcasing unmatched creativity and innovative outlooks. Do not miss the opportunity to join this global celebration of hospitality design excellence. Each submission continues to add a new layer of inspiration and ingenuity that shapes the landscape of global hospitality design. Below we highlight some of the latest additions to our 2024 Entries:

Buckets (San Pedro Garza García, Mexico) Filipao Nunes Arquitectos

The project was cantered around the idea of enjoying time with friends and celebrating with loved ones. The concept takes a literal approach to how dishes are served in buckets, which are also incorporated into the decor in a unique and playful manner. The design aimed to include various fun elements such as mosaic floors and illuminated signage. Bold and vibrant colours, red, blue, and green, were used to enhance the playful atmosphere.

Pastificio Sandro (Melbourne, Australia) ERD

The design challenge was to create a visual identity that reflected a graphic interpretation of the varied and organic handmade pastas offered by Pastificio Sandro. The brand identity had to reflect the soul, artistry and dedication that goes into each handmade creation and that no two pieces of pasta are alike.