John Bell & Croyden launches world’s first Psychodermatological Skincare® brand, ESPÉRER

John Bell & Croyden – London’s renowned luxury pharmacy emporium – has announced the launch of award-winning Psychodermatological Skincare® brand, ESPÉRER. The innovative collection, built on the foundation of psychology, is inspired by French-Moroccan Botanicals to promote physical and emotional health.

Presenting the world’s first Psychodermatological Skincare® brand, ESPÉRER is an innovative brand that emerged after dedicated years of research on the intrinsic link between skin and mind. ESPÉRER expertly formulates a luxury range of botanical skincare, powered by NeuroPlant™ Technology, a unique complex of Plant Compounds and Bioactives that not only repair the skin but also promote the release of positive Neurotransmitters for optimal wellbeing.

Many of the ingredients that are used have been clinically linked to reducing anxiety and depression. The brand combines 100% natural ingredients, sourcing only the purest and highest quality from France and Morocco. The formulations are nutrient-rich, and free from chemicals, artificial fragrances, parabens, and synthetic compounds.

Ingredients such as Argan, Fig, Blue Tansy and Plum contain an array of skin benefits, and the unique blends combine these luxury ingredients among others such as Neroli, Wild Lavender, Rose and Frankincense to create extravagant elixirs. Specific ingredients like Neroli contain compounds that help reduce stress and anxiety and uplift the senses.

Each ingredient is chosen for their high profile of Bioactives and Plant compounds which not only strengthen the skin barrier but have been proven to improve emotional wellbeing through the release of hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.

The innovative range was built on the principles of Psychodermatology, a field that explores the intricate interaction between the mind and skin. It presents a revolutionary approach that takes into account emotional as well as physical states to achieve optimal wellbeing.

Dina El Adlani, Founder of ESPÉRER, comments: “Through studying Psychology and working in the beauty industry, it became apparent how deeply Mental Health impacts our skin and the importance of a healthy self-image. Unlike traditional skincare we understood the importance of mental health on skin health, and we aimed to create an innovative skincare brand that promotes healthier self-image through balance of the skin and mind, focusing on products that go beyond the surface. We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the renowned John Bell & Croyden, a perfect match for us as they share our commitment to championing innovative brands that are reshaping the health and beauty scene.”

 ESPÉRER’s Hero products include its innovative range of calming and deeply nourishing Night Repair Face Oils: the Anti-PollutionCell Renewal and Anti-Ageing, which are meticulously curated with luxurious natural ingredients like Plum, Neroli and Sandalwood. Each oil is brimming with Vitamins, Essential oils and Nutrients and have been expertly formulated to tackle physical and emotional concerns, helping uplift and relax. The face oils work well in the evening, helping the skin repair itself during sleep.

The brand has three main collections: CALM MIND & SKIN, UPLIFT MIND & SKIN and RELAX MIND & SKIN. Each of these collections contain a category of skincare including face oils, cleanser, face mists, face cream, serum and clay mask. They each cater to a specific concern and or need and allow the customer to create and personalise their own ritual for overall wellbeing.

John Bell & Croyden is renowned for meticulously sourcing and handpicking each product, ensuring they meet the store’s rigorous standards for purity, potency, and effectiveness. From trusted brands to innovative formulations, the pharmacy strives to bring customers the finest supplements available on the market.

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