London Fashion Week opens its doors to the Public this September

Join the first of the four global fashion weeks to invite the public into its world. Go behind-the-scenes of the London Fashion Week Hub to discover an immersive innovative experience which includes Designer Catwalks; Creative Installations; the discoveryLAB: an experiential space where fashion meets art, technology and music and a #PositiveFashion Designer Exhibition where the creative work of progressive designers explores the most compelling stories around sustainability, community and ethics. A celebration of fashion, community, diversity and creativity in the heart of the most vibrant city in the world.


Imperial Emerald – The most Regal all-new fragrance by The Merchant of Venice

Luxury fragrance house The Merchant of Venice is launching an all-new scent to form part of its Murano Exclusive Collection line, Imperial Emerald. Created by perfumer Jordi Fernandez, Imperial Emerald layers Iris, Egyptian Jasmine and Lily of the Valley over a subtle base of White Musk. The scent typifies the Murano Exclusive line, with its Venetian style and use of precious raw materials. Created by perfumer Jordi Fernandez, Imperial Emerald layers Iris, Egyptian Jasmine and Lily of the Valley over a subtle base of White Musk.
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Aldo presents New Neon Collection with #ALDONIGHTS Party in London

The ALDO Group is a world leading creator and operator of desirable footwear and accessory brands. With 2300 points of sale in 98 countries around the world, the company operates under two signature brands, ALDO and Call It Spring, and one multi-brand retail concept, GLOBO. Collections are designed in Montreal, with supporting studios in Italy, London, and China, and a sourcing and manufacturing network that spans Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe. Founded in 1972 by Aldo Bensadoun, The ALDO Group leads all operations from its head office in Montreal, and continues to act with its founder’s values of love, respect and integrity. More than 20,000 people work for The ALDO Group.
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London men’s Fashion week has enhanced the coolest street style

Really powerful new generation of UK talent had helped London Fashion Week become more exciting than its New York, Milan and Paris counterparts. Last weekend the capital came alive with dapper gentleman and stylish ladies for London Fashion Week Men’s spring/summer 2020.
The appointment of David Beckham as an ambassadorial president of the British Fashion Council (BFC) this year has further boosted London fashion week men’s. The former footballer, who will present a catwalk show for his brand, Kent & Curwen, on Sunday, told the Guardian: “More than ever, we have a real responsibility to engage and promote young and emerging creative talent. On the catwalks, exciting British menswear designers like Art School, BethanyBethany Williams, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy and Liam Hodges gave us a sneak peek at the trends that will dominate menswear next season. Read more

Feel-good glam this Summer with the help of Duck&Dry

Come rain or shine – one of the best things about British Summer is the prestigious events that come with it.
From gracing Centre Court at The Championships, Wimbledon and feeling regal at Royal Ascot’s Ladies Day, to soaking up the atmosphere at the world’s best-known Regatta, Henley, these iconic occasions call for setting hair trends, as you mingle with the crème de la crème of society. All eyes will be on you, so how will you stand out in this super glam crowd?
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Magical Scent of Summer from The Merchant of Venice

All-new fragrances from The Merchant of Venice, for him and for her….
Travelling on a journey that starts from the Northern borders of the African coast, The Merchant of Venice has masterfully bottled the aromas and scents of the indigenous plants and flowers of these lands for a brand new fragrance, RED POTION. The heady scent captures orange blossom, rosemary, and the caramel-esque notes of the hardy immortelle – a flower known for its charismatic perfume. The signature red marbled bottle symbolises the fire-coloured sunsets reflected in the ripples of the Venetian Lagoon and the red velvets of the gondolas. Red is very much a colour that permeates the city of Venice….
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Join Elomi’s live limitless challenge !

Sheer elegance and total comfort go hand-in-hand with Elomi lingerie who are part of Wacoal Europe, a company who understand what lingerie can do for the fuller figure and for your confidence.
Elomi allows full figured women to enjoy total fit and support in a range of sophisticated looks, right up to a K cup. However, Wacoal Europe are dedicated to designing and manufacturing stylish lingerie for women of all ages. And sizes.

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New Venetian Magical Fragrance from The Merchant of Venice


A scent inspired by a sophisticated flower, originally native to China, whose name derives from the ancient Venetian family of Mocenigo.  For over 200 years, this unique rose has been grown on the family’s historic residence in Venice, brought there from France in 1814 thanks to Lucia Mocenigo.  Lucia was friends with the beautiful Rose (Joséphine) Bonaparte, who is perhaps better known as being Napoleon’s wife. Today, the passion and enchantment of the rose’s enticing perfume has been delicately captured by The Merchant of Venice, allowing the natural sensuality of the flower’s fragrance to fully blossom….   

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Bentley Beyond the New Fragrance Collection – Beyond trends, Beyond frontiers, Beyond time… Liquid emotion.


For a century, Bentley Motors has been manufacturing luxury cars that combine excellence and expertise, tradition and modernity. The Bentley Fragrances perfume collection draws its inspiration from this prestigious world in which leather and wood panelling become a work of art.

The new collection called “Beyond” is composed by three rising young master perfumers, the first trio of the collection takes us to three different countries India, Indonesia or Mexico.

The bottles are inspired by the curves and materials used by Bentley Motors, combining power and style.

The bottle features two Bentley icons: the famous knurling on the stopper and the legendary “flying B” perching proudly on its top. Read more

Discover the fragrant world of Chris Collins

Inspired by his earliest scent memory, that of his father wearing the iconic Grey Flannel, Chris Collins launches three exciting new scent ‘stories’ that truly embody his love of all things fragrant.
Following a career in fashion and luxury, it was a chance meeting with famed French perfumer Kilian Hennessy that prompted Chris to spend months in Grasse, immersing himself in the world of scent………….
This game-changing experience, combined with his life as a New Yorker, has resulted in the creation of Harlem Nights, Renaissance Man and Danse Sauvage, three new fragrances to tell the story of a man and the places closest to his heart – France and Harlem.“I myself am not a perfumer, I am merely the author of stories, of life’s experiences. This trilogy of fragrances begins the narrative of my scent journey.” Chris Collins

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