Paul Smith presents a series of psychedelic dreamscape prints titled ‘Dreamer’ for Autumn / Winter 18.

The Dreamer print mirrors the optimistic mood of the collection and explores the artwork created by French artist Edmund Dulac, who’s illustrations for the 1912 rare collectible book The Dreamer of Dreams, inspired Paul Smith.Psychedelic colours, a graphic “Dreamer” logo and a menagerie of wild animals come together to create a magical and optimistic world. Knitwear is bright and bold, borrowing colours and motifs from the main Dreamer print. The print is available in two colour options and features throughout the collection in every product category with a reputation for innovation when it comes to tailoring fabrics with most recent success including A Suit To Travel In and his championing of British fabric mills. For Autumn/Winter 18 a series of new fabrics have been developed in partnership with specialist merchants Hudders eld Cloth using English wool. Paul retains a personal connection to the West Yorkshire area having worked in mills there designing fabrics in the early part of his career during the 1970s.