Party all day with Salon Privé at the Royal Hospital Chelsea

Introducing Salon Privé London: The Luxury Car Event at the Royal Hospital Chelsea For three days only, the chance to be part of the world of luxury cars—historic and modern—and to enjoy the exciting lifestyle that goes with this exclusive set. Carefully curated on the lawn will be a ‘concours’ of 60 rare historic automobiles. Everything from stately Rolls-Royces from the 20s to iconic racing Ferraris of the 50s. Early Bentleys to early supercars. A collection of the most collectable motoring marques in a unique display of power and passion. But, importantly, Salon Privé London is going to be much more than just a car show: they’re planning an experience in the truest sense of the word. You’ll come for cars, and stay for the bars, the exotic international streetfood, the gourmet hospitality, the luxury shopping, the entertainment, the vibe… All in true Salon Privé style.

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