Introducing the latest and most radical advancement in science backed antioxidant skincare with AlphaScience

For over 25 years, Alfred Marchal PhD – ALPHASCIENCE’s leading R&D innovator, has been at the forefront of skincare innovation and development. His work, has left an indelible mark on the history of aesthetic medicine, including, over 19 years ago, developing the first serum with high concentrations of Vitamin C in its free and active form of L-Ascorbic acid.
As a constant innovator, the newly crowned leader in antioxidant skincare – ALPHASCIENCE – The Antioxidant Authority – is thrilled to launch their range of scientifically proven skincare products to the UK, including the world’s only serum containing Tannic Acid – an ingredient derived from nature, that has remarkable skin health benefits, an ingredient which in its stabilised and highly concentrated form is available only from ALPHASCIENCE. Read more

Seed to Skin and their three new Magical products!

Their dedication to healing is deeply interwoven within the DNA of our Tuscan Borgo Santo Pietro Estate which dates back to 1129. Originally a sanctuary of health for medieval pilgrims, where villagers grew wild herbs and used them to make remedies for those in need of recovery, Borgo Santo Pietro is now their award-winning luxury spa hotel and organic farm from which our skincare line has originated.
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Miracle 3 in 1 Anti-redness cream Rosalique Celebrates First Year Anniversary!

Rosalique 3 in 1 anti-redness miracle cream contains SPF 25 and has a triple action effect to protect against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays which aggravates red skin. It conceals instantly and gently treats the skin from Rosacea and redness.
Rosalique is derived from natural ingredients, vegan friendly and is cruelty free. ​It’s universal formula works with all skin tones to give a warm glow. Use as a stand alone product, or as a base under makeup. The active ingredients found in Rosalique work as a healing cream for rosacea and redness in the skin. Rosalique conceals instantly, treats gently and protects long-term. Claudia’s other brand Salcura was originally developed in the 1990’s by German bio-scientist Dr Martin Schiele (Claudia’s Father-in-law) That range consists of Antiac – for Acne prone and oily skin, Biokskin – for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis and Bioskin Junior – natural skincare products for children with dry and sensitive skin.

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Join Elomi’s live limitless challenge !

Sheer elegance and total comfort go hand-in-hand with Elomi lingerie who are part of Wacoal Europe, a company who understand what lingerie can do for the fuller figure and for your confidence.
Elomi allows full figured women to enjoy total fit and support in a range of sophisticated looks, right up to a K cup. However, Wacoal Europe are dedicated to designing and manufacturing stylish lingerie for women of all ages. And sizes.

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You love their clothes, then their beauty, well now try their all-new, in-store pampering service, Duck & Dry Xpress. A permanent fixture placed next to the ever-growing beauty section in store. Duck & Dry Xpress has hatched at the Flagship Oxford Street East Primark store and in the new Birmingham city centre mega-store.
Duck & Dry Xpress first hatched in March 2019, in Primark’s flagship store, Oxford Street East, London. Next on the list in April was Birmingham which opened its doors on the 11th April.The mega-store is a generous 160,000sq ft space and 3,000sq ft of that is dedicated to Duck & Dry Xpress and its services which has a mezzanine floor location, complimented by interiors featuring the Duck & Dry signature pastel shades. The large space is also equipped to cater for large groups and events.
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Finally whitened your teeth and want to keep them looking pearly white? It isn’t enough to brush thoroughly – you need to be getting between teeth to stop stains and plaque from building up there. The added benefit of cleaning between teeth properly? You’ll be safeguarding their health, as brushing alone will only remove food and plaque from the surface of your teeth, but cleaning between teeth and below the gum line will reduce the likelihood of developing gum disease and bad breath.
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Illamasqua – Empowering the #nuderevolution

That’s the principle of the newest collection #nuderevolution of the makeup artist brand Illamasqua.

Illamasqua proudly stays for:
Beauty, not brutality. Recognised by PETA, they’re completely cruelty-free and have a large, ever-growing vegan range.
Self-expression. They believe you should express who you truly are through the power of makeup. Be bold, be daring and above all, be yourself.
Professional, highly pigmented products. They pride theirselves on the high-quality of their products, which is why they’re loved by industry professionals around the globe.

Illamasqua is defying the beauty industry’s conventional take on nude. Breaking boundaries with the new Nude Collection, empowering you to express yourself through a bold nude look. This new collection revealed:

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It is time for beauty to evolve – organic and eco-friendly!

Evolve Organic Beauty, a studio in Hertfordshire (England) is known for it’s handmade organic and natural skin, body and hair care products. The company is designed to make it easy for people to take small steps towards being healthier and greener in their everyday lives. Therefore the company chooses ‘green science’, the power of plants, over the synthetic alternatives you will find in most mass produced cosmetics and toiletries.


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Successful cosmetic brand Flormar is now ready to storm the UK market

The fashion forward cosmetic brand Flormar has enjoyed success throughout Europe and is now ready to storm the UK market, with a launch into 11 Primark stores nationwide this March. Flormar welcome women into the creative world by providing them with colors and textures that will allow them to represent their style in the best manner. This colour led range is the ideal match for Primark’s youthful and trend led demographic, with the visionto become the innovative beauty brand for women, Flormar are offering a wide range of colourful, high quality products that are based on women’s expectations. By creating fashionable and reliable products Flormar are providing cosmetics that bring out both the inner and outer beauty.

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Why shine when you can glow with Olehenriksen – natural skincare brand.

Ole Henriksen is the natural skin care brand that was introduced to the beauty market decades ago by skincare expert Ole Henriksen now is relaunching in UK with exiting new collections.
Created to help achieve a true mind/skin balance, this collection controls oil and refines pores without stripping the skin. Addressing two of the top five skincare concerns – oiliness and pores – Balance effectively addresses these topics and reduces shine, minimises pores and evens skin texture for a matte, healthier-looking complexion.
0le Henriksen created the Nurture Collection to intensely do just that – nurture even the most dry and sensitive of skin.

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